Wednesday, November 25, 2009

That "Other" Blog

After many struggles and a lot of pulling out of the hair, I have finally managed to hook up to a new router. This means I am back at my other blog, doing my blog thing. It's too time consuming to try to keep up with two of them, although I have been advised by other bloggers that it's better to have more than one blog site.

I suppose if one wasn't working that might be feasible. It might also be more feasible if I could simply copy and paste one blog into the other, after having spent many hours writing, editing, formatting and re-writing said blog. However, when I have tried this, the formatting gets all wonky and I end up spending another couple of hours re-formatting, re-writing, and re-this'n'that to the danged thing.

In summary, the point of this nonsensical diatribe is to ask my former blogspot readers to please go to my other blog, S'marty Says, at wordpress. In those pages you will find my most recent works. I would also really love to receive more comments. Wordpress gives me the ability to see how many "hits" I have on my blog, so when I see 25 hits in one day with only one comment, it tends to make me feel rather discouraged. Even if you only write "I read it. The end." I would be quite satisfied.

Thanks for checking back here, and please stroll over to my other blog!

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